Fishing in Ear Falls and Red Lake, Ontario

We look forward to seeing you this Fishing Season At Pakwash Lake Camp.

We live to Fish and Hunt. We love living here on Pakwash Lake with our family and friends. Hope to see you soon!

Escape...Experience...& Explore Canada's Unique Wilderness.

A Fishing & Hunting Vacation in Northern Ontario for Trophy Northern, Walleye, Perch & Smallmouth Bass on Pakwash Lake, in the heart of Ear Falls and Red Lake Resorts, Ontario, Canada.

Welcome to Pakwash Lake. Let's Go Fishing!

Thank you for making Pakwash Lake a great place to live! Kimby

Pakwash Lake Camp Box 128 Ear Falls, On P0V 1T0
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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Fishing and Hunting Licenses

MNR Ontario Fishing Licenses are available at 
Pakwash Lake Camp ....2019...

Reminder to bring your Ontario outdoor card even if it has expired. I makes it easy to find you on the system. 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Pakwash Lake, Ear Falls, Red Lake, 2019 Ice off conditions

The Snow has almost melted away , and now the sun is shinning with the cool wind on Pakwash Lake

Pakwash Lake Camp 2019 April 27 th 

Let’s go fishing !

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Spring Fishing 2019 Pakwash Lake Camp Openings Ear Falls, Red Lake

A few last minute prime spring weeks opened up

May 18-25th, 2019...2 cabins
June 15-22nd, 2019...1 cabin
June 22-29th, 2019...2 cabins
June 29-July 6...1 cabins... great family package option.

Many Openings available July, Aug, Sept

Give us a call at 1-807-222-3353 or email

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Some new clothing this year.  Things are starting to get in place!  
New Arrivals!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Enter the Winter Draw and write a Review


I need your help.  Winter Draw time... 
we are climbing up the ranks.

Ok everyone time to have a draw. Write a review and be entered into the winter draw for a Sweatshirt and hat when you stay with us this Fishing 2019 season. Open to all Pakwash Lake Camp Guests. I will use the reviews on the trip advisor site, please include your name or email me if you have a different name on trip advisor profile. 
Thank you in advance.

a few years ago, but look at that smile!

Friday, February 1, 2019

July and Aug. Family Fishing Special. Ear Falls, Red Lake, affordable fishing rates!

Family July/Aug/September Special all inclusive $1350 plus tax, two adult, kids 17 years and under free, Outfitter boat and 50 hp package, with 25 gals of gas, 12 dozen minnows

Image result for pakwash family fishing

Call us today to book
1-807-222-3353 or 1-888-725-9275

Monday, January 28, 2019

2019 Family Fishing Fun!

Pakwash Lake Camp
Lets go fishing

Pakwash Lake has long been known for its excellent fishing, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. It is also a place to relax and enjoy all that the northern wilderness has to offer.

The Pakwash Lake System is situated at the junction of three mighty Northern Ontario rivers, the Chukuni, the Trout and the English. These three rivers drain much of the region and are responsible for the high productivity of these lakes.

Fish for walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, muskellunge, lake whitefish and yellow perch. Fish and explore over 31,000 acres of water and 100 miles of shoreline on four different lakes.

Our resort provides light housekeeping cottages and RV facilities amidst the spruce forest on the eastern shore of beautiful Pakwash Lake. Our housekeeping cottages are fully equipped for your convenience and include full bathrooms and kitchens, and comfortable bedrooms compete with linens. Other camp features include RV sites with water and electrical hookups, docking and boat launch facilities, fish cleaning facilities and a camp store for your convenience.

Pakwash Lake Camp
90 Pakwash Lake Road
Box 128, Ear Falls, Ontario Canada 
P0V 1T0
Ph: 807-222-3353
Toll Free: 1-888-PAKWASH

facebook group Pakwash Lake

Summer Family Special

$1350 plus tax


2 adult, kids 17 yrs & under free, Outfitter boat & 50 hp package, with 25 gal gas, 12 doz minnows

Affordable Family Vacations

Monday, December 17, 2018

December Snow is at Pakwash Lake.

Baby it's cold outside, but still no snow.  The boys are wanting to snowmobile and catch some fish ice fishing.

Fishing Rates and Licences

MNR Rates
Pakwash Lake Camp is a Licence Issuer 2019
Fishing licence fees: non-Canadian residents
The price of an Outdoors Card and fishing licence – and you can buy these products at Pakwash Lake Camp
2019 fishing licence fees for non-Canadian residents
Fees listed below include HST.
Outdoors Card $9.68
3-year sport fishing licence $266.76
3-year conservation fishing licence $168.52
1-year sport fishing licence $88.92
1-year conservation fishing licence $56.17
1-day sport fishing licence (you do not need an Outdoors Card)
Valid for 1 calendar day starting at 12:00 midnight
8-day sport fishing licence $58.06
8-day conservation fishing licence $33.92
Your licence summary listing your valid fishing licence, can be saved as a digital format (e.g., on your smartphone) or printed
Take a picture of your outdoor card and fishing license just in case you loose the paper receipt!

Thursday, May 31, 2018


As Deposit arrive and final plans are adding up for the 

2018 Fishing Season

The following dates have openings

July- October has openings every week.

Give us a call 807-222-3353 or cell 807-727-0941
Pakwash Lake Camp
Box 128
Ear Falls, Ontario
P0V 1T0

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Lake Trout in Red Lake

Small lake trout caught again in Red Lake

Seventeen-inch laker caught and released by Jerime Williams
Anglers are catching little lake trout in Red Lake and that is spectacular news!
That statement might seem confusing to people who are not familiar with the lake trout situation in Red Lake. After all, don't you want to always catch big lake trout?
No. No you don't. During the 1980s and '90s Red Lake gained the reputation of having some of the largest lake trout anywhere. They were plentiful and easy to catch and as a result there was a colossal over-harvest. The curious thing was no one caught little lakers. Around the year 2000 studies showed there just weren't any. It was also found that the few remaining mature trout, almost all located in Pipestone Bay, were not successfully reproducing although they were found to be perfectly healthy.
This began a 17-year long program by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to renew the trout population and bring back the fishery. Hundreds of volunteers as well as camps and businesses have joined in. About a million fingerlings reared from Red Lake's own wild trout have been released in the lake. The planted fish can be identified by a missing fin. The MNRF clips a different fin each year.
Meanwhile naturally-spawned fish are showing up in anglers' catches as well. Bow Narrows angler Jerime Williams holds one in the photo up top. It has all its fins.
All lake trout must be released on Red Lake while this species rebuilds. Regulations also require anglers to only use lures with single barbless hooks and not to use any bait, alive or dead.
Information Taken from Bow Narrows Camp Blog

Looking for worms or leeches. Here are your options

We carry minnows , but we recommend you bring up some gulp for the crazy feeding days.

Here's a list of some of the live bait dealers that sell worms or nightcrawlers by the flat (500 worms) and leeches by the pound.
Many of these dealers also carry frozen ciscoes and sucker minnows used for early spring and fall northern pike fishing.
Of course all of them carry minnows as do many other stores in the Northwest.
You can place bait orders in advance and have the bait waiting for you when you either arrive in Red Lake or pass through the towns where the bait dealers are located. All it takes to keep the bait alive are some frozen water bottles or freezer packs to keep them cool.

Red Lake

Red Lake Marine Products
phone 807-727-2747
worms by flat, leeches by pound, minnows 

TJ's Kwik Stop
(Esso service station)
Hwy. 105
phone 807-727-2752
worms by flat, leeches by pound, minnow

Ear Falls

Four Seasons Sports Shop
4 Gold Pines Rd
Ear Falls
807 222-2200
worms by flat, pre order leeches by pound, minnow

Coulson's Corner

Hwy 105 40 minutes south of Red Lake
phone 807 222-3738  
worms by flat, pre order leeches by pound, minnow
Vermilion Bay 

Bobby's Sport Shop
(Hwy 17 west of Hwy 105 corner) phone 807-227-2099 or 807-227-2695


K A Sports and Tackle
(Hughway 17 E., Petro Canada service station)

Fort Frances

The Great Bear
(On Hwy 11 between Fort Frances and Hwy 502)
phone: 807-274-2221

Rainy Lake Sports and Tackle
(Hwy 11 East, 715 Colonization Road E.
phone: 807-274-6429

2018 Rates for Pakwash Lake Camp, Ear Falls, Ontario

Pakwash Lake Camp 2018/19 US Rates
Subject to change dependent on exchange rate

Cabins Rates : $275 / person/ week (Kids 15 years and under FREE) Check in Saturday 2:00pm, Check out Friday night/ Saturday 8:00am.

Family July/Aug Special all inclusive $1260 plus tax, two adult, kids 17 years and under free, Outfitter boat and 50 hp package, with 15 gals of gas, 12 minnows

Campsites: $38.00 per night. Season rate $900 plus taxes =$1017.00 plus dumping fees
Includes water hook up, electricity and showers in basement of house. Dumping stations located in Ear Falls and at Pakwash Provincial Park

Boat and Motor Rental:  Weekly rates includes gas up to 17 gal and oil, minnow buckets, nets, safety kit, life jackets available in adult sizes, docking fee included.
16' skiff with 20hp (max two adults recommended) $550.00
LUND Outfitter with 50hp
(max 3 adults recommended or family of 4-5) $750.00
Daily rates:    16’ Skiff: $110
includes gas.  Outfitter: $150 includes gas
Powered dockage for private boats, weekly rate $180, day rate $32

Fish Cleaning weekly $40.00 / person cleaned and wrapped

Bear Archery & Black Powder Hunting Rates
Hunters portion of cabin $1200.00 plus taxes, Pre baited sites, set up assistance, Non resident Lic. approx $245.00 extra, successful hunters will require to purchase and export permit approx $45.00

Resident Moose and Deer Hunting Rates.  We do not have any non resident tags.
$350.00 per week plus taxes
. Running water is not guaranteed. Hunting License not included. We ask that you bring sleeping bags and towels. Hunting Weeks Run Friday to Friday. Full weekly rates charged.

Available at Store: licenses, outdoor cards, essential groceries, gas, oil, bait, ice, maps & souvenirs.  In town pick ups are also available on request with charge

Non refundable Deposits required per adult are $200.00
Deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred up to one year from the original reservation date. We ask for immediate notice for Spring fishing cancellation. We do NOT accept Debit Cards. We accept Visa or Mastercard

Prices subject to change. Applicable taxes will be added.  
Special note for all guests traveling with children: please note that if both parents are not accompanying the children on the trip across the border then they should have some sort of note from the parent(s) remaining at home stating that they have their permission to be traveling with them. While this might not always be necessary to cross the border it may help speed you through at customs. As always if you have any questions about crossing into Canada Canada Customs at: (705) 941-3058   Fax:(705) 941-3060   Or visit Canada Customs online at: US Government Requires 2009 Passport for re-entry. For Border Crossing & Passport information go to or

Pakwash Lake Camp
Kim Budweg, Denis Grenier
Box 128, Ear Falls, Ontario Canada P0V 1T0 
Ph: 807-222-3353 Toll Free: 1-888-PAKWASH (725-9274)
Copyright © Pakwash Lake Camp  - all rights reserved

Bear Hunting at Pakwash Lake Camp, Ear Falls, Ontario

Pakwash Lake Camp Offers Fall Archery and 
Muzzle Loader pre-baited Hunts.

  • We offer individual, or group packages.  Non hunters pay regular fishing rates.
  • Please be sure to bring an expired hunting licence with you, one that is valid for the State that you reside in,  and that I can keep.  I need to staple it to the licence I issue you as proof of previous hunting experience.  or  please bring along an existing one.  It involves more paperwork, but I can make it work with an affidavit.
  • Hunter orange (at the very least a vest and hat) must be worn to and from the hunting stands.  Once there, it can be removed if you wish.
  • It is no longer necessary to pre-approve your entry and your weapon when crossing the border. Confirmed with Customs Official at Fort Frances told us that they no longer did pre-approvals as they have done in the past.  She said that their computers are updated now and much faster and they can do it as you speak.
  • the new procedure is to drive up with your weapon cased, etc and when they ask about firearms, say “yes, you do have with” and they will want to look at the weapon, and view serial numbers, etc.  If you have any information about registration, etc you might bring it along.
  • at this time they will also ask for identification and when you produce it, they will run it, and they will be looking for information such as, have you ever had any DUI’s, and if so when and how many?  Do you have a felony record of violence, etc?
  • depending on your answers, you could be denied entry. There are steps you can take, if you need to get special paperwork to gain access if one of your parties has had a DUI in the past. 
Bear Archery & Black Powder Hunting Rates
Hunters portion of cabin $1200.00 plus taxes, Pre-baited sites, set up assistance, Non resident Lic. approx $245.00 extra, successful hunters will require to purchase and export permit approx $45.00

Where is Pakwash Lake Camp?,-93.433906,13.5z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x3b45181fd306d092!8m2!3d50.7632028!4d-93.4421387?hl=en