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Monday, April 11, 2011

What to Bring Fishing, a Fishing Checklist

Pakwash Lake Camp Checklist
What should one bring to Camp for fishing!

Essential Clothing
• Good rain gear - more important than new tackle.
• Water proof footwear - rubber boots, over shoes, gortex hikers. Wet feet will shorten any day on the water. Winter boots for spring and fall fishing is a must.
• Comfortable shoes - these are for everyday and to wear in the cabin as well.
• Warm socks - I always carry a spare pair of warm wool socks in my gear bag.
• Long underwear - a must in spring and fall but I would pack a pair for every trip.
• Turtle neck shirt - nice to keep the drafts out
• Wool hat and peak hat - keep the sun off your head and keep it warm
• Personal clothing - pants, shirts, underwear etc
• Gloves or mittens - mittens are always warmer but tough to reel in with
• Warm coat - that will fit under your rain coat
• Shorts or zip away paints - for those gorgeous summer days
• We recommend you always bring warm clothes anytime of the year.

Miscellaneous Camp Gear
• Ziploc bags - use to store socks, camera etc in in your dry bag
• Mosquito coils - for in the cabin if you are one to leave the door open a lot
• Good Book - for when your buddy is snoring just a little too loud
• Extra Batteries for all your electronic devices
• Flash Light - we may have flush toilets but the outhouses still work in a pinch
• Paper plates & paper cups - great if nobody in your crew likes to do dishes
• Gallon or two of cooking oil
• Fish Batter
• Paper towels - for drying off your cooked fish
• Charcoal - we do have grills available at the cabins.
• Computer - for those who need to stay in touch we have WIFI
• Mini - DVD player/TV with DVDs we do have movies if you need a change.
• Vacuum sealer - for those who want air tight
• Wind up or battery alarm clock if you need to know the time
• Sleeping Bags for the cold nights & Beach towel

Boat Gear
• Life Jacket (Canadian or U.S. Coast Guard approved.)
• Dry Bag - use to store rain gear, socks, camera etc in boat
• Back Pack - could be a dry bag but use it to carry gear on portage trails
• Large Rubbermaid container - used for shore lunch fixings and/or dry box in boat
• Small first aid kit - just incase
• Sun Block - use it...a lot
• Insect repellant - wet seasons bring bugs
• Matches / lighter – shore lunch becomes sushi
• Hand warmers - a pleasant bonus
• Medication
• Safety string for glasses - imagine springtime, 50 degree crystal clear water, 12 ft down, decide
• Water bottle - hydration keeps you on the water
• Flashlight - just because
• Multi-tool - you never know when
• Small tackle box or tray to pack in back pack for portage lakes
• Long needle nose pliers or hookouts
• Small bolt cutters - sometimes cutting the hook is best
• Jaw spreaders - they help
• Line clippers – Fireline = chipped teeth
• Fishing rags for the boat
• Fishing knives
• Jig eye buster
• Portable rod holder - for landing your buddies fish
• Fish locator - handy
• 2 rods & reels - is two enough
• Stringer - I prefer a rope stringer just don't put it through the mouth and gills
• Extra line
• No-scent soap - use after sun block or insect repellant to remove odours)
• Polarized Sunglasses - must have
• Lindy Catch and Release glove - kevlar is tooth proof
• Camera - in a ziploc bag -document your big fish
• Spare batteries (try to bring gear that uses the same battery size)
• Wide brim hat to cover neck and ears - don't be the redneck
• GPS - take me home
• Two way radios for groups
• Small cooler - we have complimentary ice
• Marker buoy - cheap fish locator
• Garbage bag and/or small bean can with lid still semi-attached for putting cigarette butts in.
• Hatchet - building shorelunch fire
• Compass - for when the batteries die in the GPS
• Thermos - warm liquids on a cool day
• Dry Box - to store important items - will float too

Bringing Your Own Boat
• Fire extinguisher for built in fuel tank
• Pea less whistle
• Waterproof flashlight
• Bailing bucket
• Measuring device
• Insurance and registration papers
• Spare tire
• U.S. or Canadian Coast Guard approved life Jackets. Throw cushions are not acceptable
• Paddles
• Trolling motor and batteries
• Extension Cord (long) & battery charger
• Extra prop & boat plug

Personal Gear
• personal hygiene products
• Medication - bring twice as much as you will need for the entire trip. Carry in two different locations
Proper ID – Passport’s, Drivers License, Ontario Outdoor Card
Be sure to bring along a letter from your spouse or both parents, giving you permission to take the child across the border. Amber Alerts work on both sides of the border.

We Sell:
Fishing/Hunting Licenses
Bait ◦ minnows, ◦ leeches upon request, ◦ night crawlers upon request
Proven Tackle, Jiggs, Bottom Bouncers, spinners etc….
Fuel ◦ mixed gasoline, ◦ regular gasoline
& some groceries

Forget something? We go to town often every week.
If we missed anything we can change or add to the list please let me know at
Enjoy Fishing and Hunting at Pakwash Lake Camp
Box 128 Ear Falls, On P0V 1T0
807-222-3353 or 1-888-PAKWASH
807-727-0941 Cell


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Very heavy list I must say but inspirational to those who love fishing in leisure time.

Anonymous said...

some guys really go overboard bringing all the stuff...

Anonymous said...

Great list! I always bring a mobile power pack for my ipod, docking station, and phone charger. And camping chairs. Head nets are nice when the bugs are really bad.