Fishing in Ear Falls and Red Lake, Ontario

We look forward to seeing you this Fishing Season At Pakwash Lake Camp.

We live to Fish and Hunt. We love living here on Pakwash Lake with our family and friends. Hope to see you soon!

Escape...Experience...& Explore Canada's Unique Wilderness.

A Fishing & Hunting Vacation in Northern Ontario for Trophy Northern, Walleye, Perch & Smallmouth Bass on Pakwash Lake, in the heart of Ear Falls and Red Lake Resorts, Ontario, Canada.

Welcome to Pakwash Lake. Let's Go Fishing!

Thank you for making Pakwash Lake a great place to live! Kimby

Pakwash Lake Camp Box 128 Ear Falls, On P0V 1T0
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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bear Hunting at Pakwash Lake Camp, Ear Falls, Ontario

Pakwash Lake Camp Offers Fall Archery and 
Muzzle Loader pre-baited Hunts.

  • We offer individual, or group packages.  Non hunters pay regular fishing rates.
  • Please be sure to bring an expired hunting licence with you, one that is valid for the State that you reside in,  and that I can keep.  I need to staple it to the licence I issue you as proof of previous hunting experience.  or  please bring along an existing one.  It involves more paperwork, but I can make it work with an affidavit.
  • Hunter orange (at the very least a vest and hat) must be worn to and from the hunting stands.  Once there, it can be removed if you wish.
  • It is no longer necessary to pre-approve your entry and your weapon when crossing the border. Confirmed with Customs Official at Fort Frances told us that they no longer did pre-approvals as they have done in the past.  She said that their computers are updated now and much faster and they can do it as you speak.
  • the new procedure is to drive up with your weapon cased, etc and when they ask about firearms, say “yes, you do have with” and they will want to look at the weapon, and view serial numbers, etc.  If you have any information about registration, etc you might bring it along.
  • at this time they will also ask for identification and when you produce it, they will run it, and they will be looking for information such as, have you ever had any DUI’s, and if so when and how many?  Do you have a felony record of violence, etc?
  • depending on your answers, you could be denied entry. There are steps you can take, if you need to get special paperwork to gain access if one of your parties has had a DUI in the past. 
Bear Archery & Black Powder Hunting Rates
Hunters portion of cabin $1200.00 plus taxes, Pre-baited sites, set up assistance, Non resident Lic. approx $245.00 extra, successful hunters will require to purchase and export permit approx $45.00

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