Where Can I Go Fishing? Pakwash Lake, Ontario, Canada

Are you addicted to fishing?

Welcome to Pakwash Lake Camp, located in the heart of Sunset Country, Ear Fall and Red Lake has some of the best fishing for Record Walleye, Trophy Northern Pike, Perch, and Record catching Smallmouth Bass! Join us this fishing season at Pakwash Lake Camp.

Escape...Enjoy a stress free relaxing Experience...& Explore Canada's Unique Wilderness.The Pakwash Lake Water System offers, Isolated Beaches, Sunsets that will take your breath way, and WOW classic fishing at a Drive-in Canadian fishing lodge that provides you an affordable Fish’n Canada vacation!

Welcome to Pakwash Lake. Let's Go Fishing!

We live to Fish and Hunt. We love living here on Pakwash Lake with our family and friends. Hope to see you soon!

Thank you for making Pakwash Lake a great place to live!


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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Looking for worms or leeches. Here are your options

We carry minnows , but we recommend you bring up some gulp for the crazy feeding days.

Here's a list of some of the live bait dealers that sell worms or nightcrawlers by the flat (500 worms) and leeches by the pound.
Many of these dealers also carry frozen ciscoes and sucker minnows used for early spring and fall northern pike fishing.
Of course all of them carry minnows as do many other stores in the Northwest.
You can place bait orders in advance and have the bait waiting for you when you either arrive in Red Lake or pass through the towns where the bait dealers are located. All it takes to keep the bait alive are some frozen water bottles or freezer packs to keep them cool.

Red Lake

Red Lake Marine Products
phone 807-727-2747
e-mail: redlakemarine@goredlake.com
worms by flat, leeches by pound, minnows 

TJ's Kwik Stop
(Esso service station)
Hwy. 105
phone 807-727-2752
worms by flat, leeches by pound, minnow

Ear Falls

Four Seasons Sports Shop
4 Gold Pines Rd
Ear Falls
807 222-2200
worms by flat, pre order leeches by pound, minnow

Coulson's Corner

Hwy 105 40 minutes south of Red Lake
phone 807 222-3738  
worms by flat, pre order leeches by pound, minnow
Vermilion Bay 

Bobby's Sport Shop
(Hwy 17 west of Hwy 105 corner) phone 807-227-2099 or 807-227-2695
e-mail: info@FamousBobbys.com
website: http://www.famousbobbys.com/


K A Sports and Tackle
(Hughway 17 E., Petro Canada service station)
website: http://www.kasportsandtackle.com/
e-mail: webmaster@kasportsandtackle.com

Fort Frances

The Great Bear
(On Hwy 11 between Fort Frances and Hwy 502)
phone: 807-274-2221
website: http://www.thegreatbear.ca/
e-mail: greatbear@jam21.net

Rainy Lake Sports and Tackle
(Hwy 11 East, 715 Colonization Road E.
phone: 807-274-6429
website: http://www.rainylakesports.com/
e-mail: rlsports@shaw.ca

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