Fishing in Ear Falls and Red Lake, Ontario

We look forward to seeing you this Fishing Season At Pakwash Lake Camp.

We live to Fish and Hunt. We love living here on Pakwash Lake with our family and friends. Hope to see you soon!

Escape...Experience...& Explore Canada's Unique Wilderness.

A Fishing & Hunting Vacation in Northern Ontario for Trophy Northern, Walleye, Perch & Smallmouth Bass on Pakwash Lake, in the heart of Ear Falls and Red Lake Resorts, Ontario, Canada.

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Monday, February 3, 2020

2020 Ontario Fishing Regulations

The new 2020 Ontario fishing regulations.

Possession and size limits for a Sport Fishing License
Conservation Licenses are half the limits stated

Walleye                        4 in possession and
                                      NONE greater than 18”

Northern                      4 in possessions and
                                      NONE greater than 27.5”

Smallmouth Bass      Dec 1 to June 30 ~ 2 in possession less than 13.8”
July 1 to Nov 30 ~ 4 in possession (no size limit)

Perch                           50 in possession
                                      (No size limit)

Possession means all fish in your boat, in your cabin/camper and in the freezer.  Fish consumed for shore lunch ARE also considered part of their possession limit.

When freezing fish, the fillets must be wrapped in clear plastic and frozen flat with only 2 fillets (one fish) per package.  The fillets must have a patch of the skin left on the fillet for easy identification.  Cabin number must be marked on it and guests must know how many fish are in possession at all times.

The Law states Beer and Alcohol are NOT permitted in the boats in Ontario.  You can fish with only ONE rod in Ontario and everyone must carry their own license and outdoor card with them while fishing.

We ask everyone to take a picture of ALL their oversize trophy fish and join us with “Catch and Release of all large fish so they are there to catch tomorrow.  Please take a picture and let all walleye over 18” and all Northern over 27.5” go to breed again.   Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday!    Thank you for choosing Pakwash Lake Camp.

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