Where Can I Go Fishing? Pakwash Lake, Ontario, Canada

Are you addicted to fishing?

Welcome to Pakwash Lake Camp, located in the heart of Sunset Country, Ear Fall and Red Lake has some of the best fishing for Record Walleye, Trophy Northern Pike, Perch, and Record catching Smallmouth Bass! Join us this fishing season at Pakwash Lake Camp.

Escape...Enjoy a stress free relaxing Experience...& Explore Canada's Unique Wilderness.The Pakwash Lake Water System offers, Isolated Beaches, Sunsets that will take your breath way, and WOW classic fishing at a Drive-in Canadian fishing lodge that provides you an affordable Fish’n Canada vacation!

Welcome to Pakwash Lake. Let's Go Fishing!

We live to Fish and Hunt. We love living here on Pakwash Lake with our family and friends. Hope to see you soon!

Thank you for making Pakwash Lake a great place to live!


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Sunday, February 21, 2021

We are open for 2021, What about the USA Border?

Breaks my ❤️.. What is going to happen to 2021 May opener? I listen to every zoom and webinar hoping and praying... to figure out what will happen to May 2021
Pakwash Lake Camp
fishing season. The new news after this week was not very encouraging.
Canada-U.S. border closed to non-essential travel until at least March 21. New rules are now in effect for non-essential travellers entering Canada by land, including proof of a negative COVID-19 test. New rules are now in effect for most people entering Canada by land, including proof of a negative COVID-19 test.
Some good news, our Covid vaccines are being given out all across Canada and the USA.
Our Ontario Tourism organizations are actively trying to work with border governments to open up for this Fishing Season... No news yet.
We are sitting tight and on HOLD, as all of our USA guests are, 2021 Fishing Season Deposits are rolling without expiry dates.
Wanting to Make Sure our 2022 Fishing Season includes all our Regular Guests, we are going to Take 2022 Reservations as normal based on 2020 Reservation weeks. Please talk it over with your group members and I will be contacting everyone shortly. If you wish to postpone 2021 Fishing Trip we totally understand and your Deposits are still available for your next trip.
We thank everyone for all your support and kind words of encouragement. We love seeing everyone's fishing adventures and hope you get a chance to share some pictures with us.
Kimby and
Denis Grenier
cell 807-727-0941

Friday, June 19, 2020

Walleye Bite is the Best!

    Fishing at Pakwash Lake Park Beach      
                has been at it's best.  
        Congratulations Girls.  Fish Fry for supper!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

July 21st extension

Very Sad News

OTTAWA -- An agreement has been reached between Canada and the United States to keep the border closed to all non-essential travel for another month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced.

The extension on the existing agreement means that the border restrictions will stay in place until July 21, even as parts of both countries begin gradually reopening. 

I will be calling everyone to look at options.  Big hug 😭

Monday, May 11, 2020

Some Covid19 Changes, Pakwash Lake Camp Fish House Rules

Some new Fish House Idea's Comments????
Covid 19 Fish House Rules & It’s the LAW!
1. Fish house MUST only have one group at a time
2. Use Open and No Entry sign in the window to inform others the Fish house is in use.
3. Inform Staff when you are finished cleaning your fish and we can disinfect with a 10 minute Virus killing chemical. More information is available if you wish to know more.
4. Must be cleaned and disinfected with 10 minutes between groups.
5. All fish must be kept in your cabin following regulation packaging.
6. No community knives are available to use.
7. Do not leave any personal items in the fish house. Keep fan on to evacuate / circulate air particles.
8. Do not clean fish in the cabins.
Please be understanding and respectful for the groups ahead of you. Rudeness will not be tolerated.
Thank you for your Co-operation!
#newnormal, #lifeaftercovid, #fishing

Pakwash lake Ice out Date, May 10. pm, 2020, Let's go Fishing.

We Have some winners!
Ice out, hat and a t-shirt , Micky Gilbert
Reviews in Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor: hat and a sweatshirt, Paul Miller, Mike VanGorp, Chuck Buckner
Congratulations everyone, thank you for participating. Claim you prizes your next trip to Pakwash Lake Camp. www.pakwashlakecamp.com

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Pakwash Lake Ice out Draw, Red Lake, Ear Falls, Ontario

Draw Time!  Ice is melting! It’s time to post our ice out date draw...open to all Pakwash Lake Camp Guests .  Draw Closes April 15, 2020.  Hat and a T-Shirt, pick up on your next trip to camp. Please post your date and am or pm in the comments below.   When will the ice on Pakwash Lake be gone? — at Pakwash Lake Camp.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Red Lake & Ear Falls Church Services

Church Services – What is available in the area?

EAR FALLS: St. Paul the Apostle Church – Hwy 105, Holy Eucharist – Sunday. Phone 222-2400 for service times.
Anglican/UnitedRED LAKE: 7 Discovery Road, Shared Ministry. Phone 727-3348 for service times.
BaptistBALMERTOWN: Calvary Baptist Church – 4th St. & Lassie Rd.; Sunday Worship. Phone 735-3239 for service times.
Believer’s Fellowship

RED LAKE: 100D Forestry Road. Phone 727-2458 for service times.

Independent Assemblies of God International

RED LAKE: Red Lake Christian Assembly – 338 Howey Street, Saturday & Sunday worship. Phone 727-3577 for service times.

LutheranRED LAKE: Christ Evangelical Lutheran, corner of Hammell & Hasaga, Thursday & Sunday Worship. Phone 727-2788 for service times.

MennoniteEAR FALLS: Ear Falls Chapel, 1 mile North on Hwy 105, Sunday Worship. Phone  222-2357 for service times.
PentecostalRED LAKE: Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church, 262 Howey Street, Sunday Worship. Phone 727-2033 for service times.

Roman Catholic ChurchRED LAKE: St. John the Apostle, 48 Discovery Road, Saturday & Sunday Mass. Phone 727-2557 for service times.
BALMERTOWN: St. Francis Xavier Church – Dexter Road, Sunday Mass. Phone 735-2078 for service times.
Ukrainian CatholicRED LAKE: St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, 5 Church St. Phone 727-2598 for service times.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Trout Fishing, Red Lake, Ear Falls, Lake X

Corey went to try his luck Trout Ice Fishing!
A nice one from Lake X
Pretty busy place that Lake X is!

What should I Bring to go Fishing!

What to Bring Fishing, a Fishing Checklist

Pakwash Lake Camp Checklist
What should one bring to Camp for fishing! A few things that guests should consider to have on their list

Essential Clothing
• Good rain gear - more important than new tackle.
• Water proof footwear - rubber boots, over shoes, gortex hikers. Wet feet will shorten any day on the water. Winter boots for spring and fall fishing is a must.
• Comfortable shoes - these are for everyday and to wear in the cabin as well.
• Warm socks - I always carry a spare pair of warm wool socks in my gear bag.
• Long underwear - a must in spring and fall but I would pack a pair for every trip.
• Turtle neck shirt - nice to keep the drafts out
• Wool hat and peak hat - keep the sun off your head and keep it warm
• Personal clothing - pants, shirts, underwear etc
• Gloves or mittens - mittens are always warmer but tough to reel in with
• Warm coat - that will fit under your rain coat
• Shorts or zip away paints - for those gorgeous summer days
• We recommend you always bring warm clothes anytime of the year.

Miscellaneous Gear
• Sleeping Bags for the cold nights & Beach towel & BBQ charcoal briskets, Sunscreen and Bug repellent are a MUST!
• Ziploc bags - use to store socks, camera etc in in your dry bag
• Mosquito coils - for in the cabin if you are one to leave the door open a lot
• Good Book - for when your buddy is snoring just a little too loud
• Extra Batteries for all your electronic devices
• Flash Light - we may have flush toilets but the outhouses still work in a pinch
• Paper plates & paper cups - great if nobody in your crew likes to do dishes
• Gallon or two of cooking oil
• Fish Batter
• Paper towels - for drying off your cooked fish
• Charcoal - we do have grills available at the cabins.
• Computer - for those who need to stay in touch we have limited WIFI
• Mini - DVD player/TV with DVDs we do have movies if you need a change.
• Vacuum sealer - for those who want air tight
• Wind up or battery alarm clock if you need to know the time

Boat Gear
• Life Jacket (Canadian or U.S. Coast Guard approved.)
• Dry Bag - use to store rain gear, socks, camera etc in boat
• Back Pack - could be a dry bag but use it to carry gear on portage trails
• Large Rubbermaid container - used for shore lunch fixings and/or dry box in boat
• Small first aid kit - just in case
• Sun Block - use it...a lot
• Insect repellent - wet seasons bring bugs
• Matches / lighter – shore lunch becomes sushi
• Hand warmers - a pleasant bonus
• Medication
• Safety string for glasses - imagine springtime, 50 degree crystal clear water, 12 ft down, oops...you decide
• Water bottle - hydration keeps you on the water
• Flashlight - just because
• Multi-tool - you never know when
• Small tackle box or tray to pack in back pack for portage lakes
• Long needle nose pliers or hook outs
• Small bolt cutters - sometimes cutting the hook is best
• Jaw spreaders - they help
• Line clippers – Fireline = chipped teeth
• Fishing rags for the boat
• Fishing knives
• Jig eye buster
• Portable rod holder - for landing your buddies fish
• Fish locator - handy
• 2 rods & reels - is two enough?
• Stringer - I prefer a rope stringer just don't put it through the mouth and gills
• Extra line
• No-scent soap - use after sun block or insect repellent to remove odors)
• Polarized Sunglasses - must have
• Lindy Catch and Release glove - kevlar is tooth proof
• Camera - in a ziploc bag -document your big fish
• Spare batteries (try to bring gear that uses the same battery size)
• Wide brim hat to cover neck and ears - don't be the redneck
• GPS - take me home
• Two way radios for groups
• Small cooler - we have ice
• Marker buoy - cheap fish locator
• Garbage bag and/or small bean can with lid still semi-attached for putting cigarette butts in.
• Hatchet - to building shorelunch fire
• Compass - for when the batteries die in the GPS
• Thermos - warm liquids on a cool day
• Dry Box - to store important items - will float too

Bringing Your Own Boat:
• Fire extinguisher for built in fuel tank
• Pea less whistle
• Waterproof flashlight
• Bailing bucket
• Measuring device
• Insurance and registration papers
• Spare tire
• U.S. or Canadian Coast Guard approved Life Jackets. Throw cushions are not acceptable
• Paddles
• Trolling motor and batteries
• Extension Cord (long) & battery charger
• Extra prop & boat plug

Personal Gear

• personal hygiene products
• Medication - bring twice as much as you will need for the entire trip. Carry in two different locations
Proper ID – Passport’s, Drivers License, Ontario Outdoor Card
Be sure to bring along a letter from your spouse or both parents, giving you permission to take the child across the border. Amber Alerts work on both sides of the border.

We Sell:
Fishing/Hunting Licenses
Bait ◦ minnows, ◦ leeches upon request, ◦ night crawlers upon request
Proven Tackle, Jigs, Bottom Bouncers, Spinners etc….
Fuel ◦ mixed gasoline, ◦ regular gasoline (we sell gas)

Forget something? We go to town often every week.
If we missed anything we can change or add to the list please let me know at info@pakwashlakecamp.com
BLOG: http://pakwashlakefishing.blogspot.com/
WEBSITE: http://www.pakwashlakecamp.com/
Enjoy Fishing and Hunting at Pakwash Lake Camp
Box 128 Ear Falls, On P0V 1T0
807-222-3353 or 1-888-PAKWASH
807-727-0941 Cell

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Carl Bleich "A frame" cabin owner writes Forestry Recollections

Forestry Recollections Click Here to website

Sixty Years

200 LocalShort Stories 247 Local Photos

About the Author

Carl Bleich moved to Northwestern Ontario in 1972, first employed by the community of Ear Falls. Following this, he worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) in the Red Lake District, for ten years.

He held various positions, starting with junior ranger foreman, parks worker, park warden, fire warden, auxiliary firefighter, fire safety officer, crash fire rescue team leader and district safety officer.

He is well known in the region, where he lived off-grid for seven years at Pakwash Lake. With a dog team or canoe, he commuted to work at the park or to his vehicle.

Previous to working with MNR, and on winter breaks, Carl published a small-town newspaper, the Ear Falls Echo and worked one winter as a reporter /photographer for the Meaford Express. This led to an assignment to write a history of Forestry Point in Red Lake, where the old buildings were to be torn down and a new fire operation complex constructed.

That assignment turned into an eight-page tabloid, published in 1986. After Carl’s retirement, in 2010, with unpublished stories from Lands and Forests, he returned to this project. He interviewed close to one hundred MNR employees. These stories expanded into this book, not just of Forestry Point, but a variety of MNR jobs within the Red Lake District.
Carl married Mary Catherine Smith in 1977 and they have two sons. Chris is a geologist and Erik is a singer, songwriter and musician.

Please Join Carl at his book signing or let me know if you would like a signed copy when you come up fishing. I will have it waiting for you.

Check website for new signing updates!

Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques for Warm Summer Water

Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on Pakwash Lake , we have a few fishing techniques that will help you catch the record numbers of Smallmouth Bass!

Pakwash Lake's best kept secret is it's smallmouth bass fishing.  It's later in July, August and September, the spawn is long gone and the smallmouth bass fishermen are gearing up for another quality Pakwash fishing season.  The bass in the Pakwash Lake Water System this time of year has no size restriction, with a 4 sportman license limit.  The growing numbers of quality fishing is not well known in the area. Pakwash Lake, Bruce Lake, Lost Lake and the English River warm shallow waters with rocky underwater reefs and deep water droop offs have captured an annul group of bass fishermen to Camp year after year.

Yes 85 smallies caught in one day..... really?  Yes really, no way.... but it's true!  I'm a lazy walleye fisher-woman, two hours and enough for supper I'm good.  Our very own day till dawn smallmouth bass lovers often tell me of their spectacular Personal Best smallmouth fishing days.  What is the trick?  Ok I'll bite, Let's Go Fishing,  Fish'n Canada Pakwash Lake Style!  A little bit of research, talk to my guys, Denis and I head out to try Our luck one perfect fishing day!  Yes we caught, caught some crazy splashing, hard hitting, jumping, nice size smallmouth bass.  I say some because I was only out for a few hours.  15-22 inch smallies and I had a minnow and a jig!  It was fun, alot of fun.  I get it, I'm hooked on smallmouth bass fishing.

How to catch smallmouth bass, and it was a blast!

What did I learn, some of the Best Fishing Techniques
  • Warm water fishing mid water reefs with deep water close by,  they like the rocks!
  • Weedy areas close to deep water too.
  • Can often find them in a group in deep pools off rocky points
  • They like some waterflow, Pakwash Lake is perfect, 3 rivers feed into Pakwash Lake.  Chukuni River, Trout River, English River
  • They spawn in the rocky area's of Pakwash in June and feast on crayfish in the rocks
  • Topwater baits will work well earlier in the season when they are chasing minnows
  • Most late summer smallmouth bass will go for 1/4 oz spinner-baits, jigs, soft plastic lures and grubs, tube baits and long tailed 6" plastic baits.  
  • Pakwash Lake is muddy and pumpkin, brown/black and artificial warms are effective. The rubber worms look so real they work well.
  • Real worms get you the second bite, make sure your hands are clean to avoid any unwanted smells on the bait. Use two medium to large slip shot weights 15-25 inches ahead of the wormed hook.
  • Use light-line when using real worms, the more bites you will receive.
Pakwash Lake may not be listed as the World's top smallmouth bass fishing spot, but I can tell you..... It is a quality smallmouth fishing lake and the secret is out! 

Let's go fishing for smallies this summer!


Drive-in Fishing Lodge, Where to go, Pakwash Lake Camp

Image result for fishing pakwash
Family fishing vacations
First off, why a drive in fishing resort?  

Today's outdoors men/women or family have different needs as seen in the past,  ageing population, time restraints, economic and finance cut backs, health concerns, maintaining multi media contact, weather events, remote location.... everyone has personal preferences.  To find the best fishing,  affordable, inexpensive fishing holiday is a new trend.  A Drive-in fishing cottage rental with light house keeping and camping has gained popularity in our google searches.

What should you look for in a drive in fishing lodge:  where is the fishing resort located, the productivity of the lakes, what species of fish will I catch, what type of set up is offered at the resort, how may fish will I catch, what should I bring.... the list goes on, and all important questions.  I little bit of planning makes the trip a great fishing experience.

Price... yes it's the biggest restraint on many trying to budget.  We charge per person, some resorts charge per cabin, we offer boating packages, or if you have your own boat that is fine too.  KIDS ARE FREE.  Yes we are offering an affordable inexpensive family vacation. Our hope is you will come back year after year and your children and grand-kids will get hooked on fishing!

Internet:  yes phone calls, emails and facebook contact with loved ones and keeping up with work is now a necessity.  Limited service in our remote area but you can still keep in touch with the outside busy world.

Emergency care: Red Lake Hospital and Clinic are 35 minutes drive north.  Ear Falls Clinic is 15 minutes south.  Both locations have helicopter medivac pads. Our area is 911 covered with police, ambulance, fire is just a phone call away.

Why drive all this way to Pakwash Lake? We have the best place to go fishing....Great Fishing, record trophy Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass!  We are a drive in fishing lodge with a scenic remote wilderness feel.  We offer a valued fishing holiday with 85% repeat yearly business.  The beauty of Northwestern Ontario wildlife and forest is breathtaking.  If you are addicted to fishing, looking for a stress free, relaxing fishing, camping vacation with family and friends we are a best kept fishing secret!

Let's go Fishing!
Pakwash Lake Camp

Bird Watchers in Red Lake, Ear Falls Ontario

50 Bird Species and The Sounds They Make

50 Bird Species and Sounds CLICK HERE

Truly an amazing post for everyone to enjoy!
just go to link and click on the bird once and listen.

How many birds have you heard?

I have heard  23, post some comments.

tweet tweet!

Google Review Contest, win free Pakwash Lake Camp stuff

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Google Review CLICK HERE

Open to all Pakwash Lake Camp 2020 guests....Please write a review!  Prizes will be a Camp Hat and Camp Sweatshirt.  Deadline will be April 15th.  Please send in your review to Google and if your name is different send me an email so I make sure your name is in the draw.  We are also having a Facebook and Tripadvisor review.  (prizes will be picked up when we see you this fishing season)

Good Luck and see you soon for the Pakwash Lake fishing season


Pakwash Lake Camp Review Contest for Facebook

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Facebook Review Click Here

Open to all Pakwash Lake Camp 2020 guests....Please write a review!  Prizes will be a Camp Hat and Camp Sweatshirt.  Deadline will be April 15th.  Please send in your review to Facebook and if your name is different send me an email so I make sure your name is in the draw.  We are also having a Google and Tripadvisor review.  (prizes will be picked up when we see you this fishing season)

Good Luck and see you soon for the Pakwash Lake fishing season


TripAdvisor Pakwash Lake Camp Review contest


Tripadvisor Review CLICK HERE

Open to all Pakwash Lake Camp 2020 guests....Please write a review!  Prizes will be a Camp Hat and Camp Sweatshirt.  Deadline will be April 15th.  Please send in your review to Tripadvisor and if your name is different send me an email so I make sure your name is in the draw.  We are also having a Google and Facebook review.  (prizes will be picked up when we see you this fishing season)

Good Luck and see you soon for the Pakwash Lake fishing season


Friday, February 28, 2020

Back from Corey and Jamie’s wedding in Mexico. ... congratulations to them!  Denis even got in a few hours of fishing!