Where Can I Go Fishing? Pakwash Lake, Ontario, Canada

Are you addicted to fishing?

Welcome to Pakwash Lake Camp, located in the heart of Sunset Country, Ear Fall and Red Lake has some of the best fishing for Record Walleye, Trophy Northern Pike, Perch, and Record catching Smallmouth Bass! Join us this fishing season at Pakwash Lake Camp.

Escape...Enjoy a stress free relaxing Experience...& Explore Canada's Unique Wilderness.The Pakwash Lake Water System offers, Isolated Beaches, Sunsets that will take your breath way, and WOW classic fishing at a Drive-in Canadian fishing lodge that provides you an affordable Fish’n Canada vacation!

Welcome to Pakwash Lake. Let's Go Fishing!

We live to Fish and Hunt. We love living here on Pakwash Lake with our family and friends. Hope to see you soon!

Thank you for making Pakwash Lake a great place to live!


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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Drive-in Fishing Lodge, Where to go, Pakwash Lake Camp

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Family fishing vacations
First off, why a drive in fishing resort?  

Today's outdoors men/women or family have different needs as seen in the past,  ageing population, time restraints, economic and finance cut backs, health concerns, maintaining multi media contact, weather events, remote location.... everyone has personal preferences.  To find the best fishing,  affordable, inexpensive fishing holiday is a new trend.  A Drive-in fishing cottage rental with light house keeping and camping has gained popularity in our google searches.

What should you look for in a drive in fishing lodge:  where is the fishing resort located, the productivity of the lakes, what species of fish will I catch, what type of set up is offered at the resort, how may fish will I catch, what should I bring.... the list goes on, and all important questions.  I little bit of planning makes the trip a great fishing experience.

Price... yes it's the biggest restraint on many trying to budget.  We charge per person, some resorts charge per cabin, we offer boating packages, or if you have your own boat that is fine too.  KIDS ARE FREE.  Yes we are offering an affordable inexpensive family vacation. Our hope is you will come back year after year and your children and grand-kids will get hooked on fishing!

Internet:  yes phone calls, emails and facebook contact with loved ones and keeping up with work is now a necessity.  Limited service in our remote area but you can still keep in touch with the outside busy world.

Emergency care: Red Lake Hospital and Clinic are 35 minutes drive north.  Ear Falls Clinic is 15 minutes south.  Both locations have helicopter medivac pads. Our area is 911 covered with police, ambulance, fire is just a phone call away.

Why drive all this way to Pakwash Lake? We have the best place to go fishing....Great Fishing, record trophy Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass!  We are a drive in fishing lodge with a scenic remote wilderness feel.  We offer a valued fishing holiday with 85% repeat yearly business.  The beauty of Northwestern Ontario wildlife and forest is breathtaking.  If you are addicted to fishing, looking for a stress free, relaxing fishing, camping vacation with family and friends we are a best kept fishing secret!

Let's go Fishing!
Pakwash Lake Camp

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